Features of Mobile Recharge or Bill Payments Software for Retailers

The advent of technology has revolutionized a lot of things around making it easier for people to manage mundane activities. While getting one’s mobile recharged and paying bills was a herculean task, the advancement in technology has eased a lot of processes. And this is not just for customers but for retailers too who are spared from making note of every single transaction.

Online recharge is the latest trend that has eased the method of getting mobile recharges and bill payments processed with just a few clicks. Retailers are no more necessitated to carry on the lengthy process of getting the bills paid, stand in long queues and process the recharges manually. Mobile recharge and bill payments are made feasible using online recharge business software, wherein the retailers can carry on n-number of transactions hassle-free.

Here in this article, we will look into the various features that are offered through online recharge software for retailer:

The EPOS which is an online recharge business software virtually includes every essential thing one would need for expanding their business. Retailers using these features can offer multi-service business under one roof as well as expand their current service offering to a great extent.

Comes with an in-built GST module :-
Generating a GST invoice is one of the most tedious tasks for any retailer. However, with online recharge software for retailer, it’s quite an easy and quick process that doesn’t take much time. The software comes with an inbuilt GST module using which you can generate the real-time invoice within a few clicks.

Supports BPPS System :-
Bill Payment is another herculean task which makes one cringe. Additionally, standing in long queues is not only time consuming but also takes a long time to process. E24pay offers online recharge business software to enable quick and easy payment of bills. This software feature all the major utility service provider and thus makes it possible for paying the bills no matter which service provider it is. Along with all the transaction are third-party encrypted thus allowing a safe and secured online transaction.

Make your transactions securely without the fear of data theft :-
The online business software for retailers is secured using SSL encryption. The software is linked to all the leading banks making any type of payment service whether NEFT or IMPS a completely secure transaction. The application ensures cashless transaction following the RBI set guidelines.

It offers 99.99% Uptime :-
The software is set using the latest technology and designed with the required infrastructure enabling easier DTH and Mobile Recharge services. The online recharge software offers a 100% uptime results.

Provision to add as many resellers and merchants :-
Online recharge software for retailers advantages them to gain additional profits and expand their margins further by adding to their network as many resellers and merchants. There is no set limit for addition. This feature renders retailers and business a lucrative platform for gaining good margins and establishing a profitable bargain for their service.

Mobile friendly application :-
One doesn’t need a special tool or device for running this software. In addition, there is absolutely no need to insert any SIM or SMS formality for accessing the system. This online software for business can be downloaded on your smartphone. All one needs to do is have a good Wi-Fi connection or internet connection to download the application free of cost on your system and get set with the process.

Set Multi-tier Architecture :-
The N-Tier feature provisions resellers selected by the retailer to create their multi-tier reseller chain. They can further add their chain of resellers and merchants making it an infinite loop of level chain.

24X7 Support :-
Get 24X7 technical maintenance, service related and product queries answered by experts.

Occasional Updates :-
Retailers can avail to the offers sponsored by new providers and operators without paying any additional cost.

Upcoming Updates :-
With the lieu of promoting cashless services, the software will soon offer additional services of MINI ATM, MPOS, AEPS and travel services for business owners.

Amazing Discounts :-
Businesses can avail profitable discounts and varied plans including basic, premium and regular plans based on their choice.
With this online software we aim at turning the world digitized for making bill payments and recharges an easy task.