Hi, I'm EPOS, another fine little freebie.

A free, EPOS includes virtually everything you need to expand upon your current service offerings or start your own Multi-services business. EPOS allow you to offer your clientele all the same services as we do, but it allows you to operate independently under your own brand and company.


Top 16 Features You'll Love

  • 1
    White Label (Own Private Brand)

    We give you a technically sound platform to rebrand offered services as your own brand free of any technical or infrastructural investment.

  • 3
    Bharat Bill Payment System

    We have integrated the Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS) to enable bill payment service. This covers all the major utility service providers and offers a secure online transaction platform.

  • 5
    Unlimited Resellers/ Merchants

    At E24Pay, you can add as many reseller and merchant profiles to your network. This increases the scope for good margins and helps in establishing profitable outcomes for your business.

  • 7
    Set Privilege

    This feature enables passing on the authorised privileges from one reseller to another. This way, you can indulge in multiple services and increase the potential of your business and network.

  • 9
    Highly Secured

    We are secured through SSL encryption. Also, our NEFT and IMPS tie-ups with leading banks ensure a secure platform for payments. We follow the RBI set guidelines and initiate instant cashless transactions.

  • 11
    Best Discounts

    E24Pay offers profitable discounts and having various plans such as basic, premium and regular plans. You can also contact us in case you are interested in High Volume Plans.

  • 13
    Free Periodic Updates

    This feature enables you to avail any offered service from new operators or providers. You can update to new plans without having to pay any additional charges.

  • 15
    24x7 Stock Available

    This feature erases any issues related to stock maintenance. We look after the well-placed inventory management system while you focus solely on your business growth.

  • 2
    Inbuilt GST Module

    Generating GST invoices was never this easy! With our inbuilt GST module, you generate the same in real-time through our quick and simple process.

  • 4
    Personalized Commissions

    To ensure that your growth rate is not only steady but growing, you can set commission rates of individual resellers or merchants for recharges and other services as per your preference.

  • 6
    Great App

    Your business is only a click away with our mobile-friendly application. You do not require a SIM or any SMS formalities to access and login to our system. Just download the app and get going!

  • 8
    N-tier (Multi-tier) Architecture

    This feature allows resellers selected by you to create a multi-tier reseller chain. They can add their individual resellers and merchants, who can further appoint resellers and merchants making it an infinite level chain.

  • 10
    99.99% Uptime

    We work in line with the latest technology and infrastructure required in the Mobile/DTH Recharge service. So far, we have ensured almost 100% uptime results when it comes to our software.

  • 12
    Quick Support

    Our 24x7 support serves all technical maintenance, product, advance and other service-related areas. We look after your account and manage it in accordance with your growing business.

  • 14
    Further Reselling White Label

    A White Label service basically becomes your private label as it has your branding. But another facet of White Label is that you can further resell it.

  • 16
    Upcoming Services

    We are bringing in more cashless services on our platform. We’ll soon offer the Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS), MPOS/MINI ATM device and Travel services to existing and new business owners.


Services We Offer


Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS)

Coming Soon

Aadhar Enabled Payment System abbreviated as AEPS is a digital payment gateway that allows online payment of money using Aadhar data.

The Aadhar Enabled Payment System is an initiative by the government that was launched by NCPI enabling customers to access their Aadhar enabled bank account using the Aadhar details. It was started with the view of speeding the financial inclusion in the country.

The AEPS model is structured in a manner that allows easy interoperable financial transactions to be carried out through MicroATM with the help of business correspondent of any bank. Herein, the Aadhar information is used by the banks for authentication purposes.

Objectives of AEPS

The primary objective of AEPS is to enable customers to use their Aadhar Identity and access their respective Aadhar enabled bank account for performing basic banking transaction in an hassle-free manner. With the help of AEPS, the government aims at building a foundation to facilitate inter-operability of bank accounts in a safe and secure manner. Furthermore, AEPS serves as a lucrative ground sub-serving GOI and RBI in increasing financial inclusion across the country as well as digitizing payment methods.

What are the services offered by AEPS?

With AEPS one can carry out basic bank transactions including:

  • Deposit of Cash
  • Cash Withdrawals
  • Balance Enquiry
  • Fund Transfer from Aadhar to Aadhar
  • Availing Mini Statements
  • Finger Detection enabling secured and safe transaction

Uses of AEPS

  • It serves as a medium for including as many citizens as possible in the bracket of financial inclusion.
  • Build a secure and safe medium for transactions in addition to boosting the electrification of retail payment
  • AEPS renders a route for disbursing government entitlements including Social Security pension, Handicapped Old Age Pension, NREGA of both Central and State government.
  • It aids in carrying on mundane transactions of the bank in an easy and safe manner.

Domestic Money Transfer Services (IMPS / NEFT)

DMT also referred to as Domestic Money Transfer is the method of transferring funds to another bank account. Through this technique, one can transfer cash and send money to any Nationalized, Rural or Private Banks through the digitized method of NEFT or IMPS.

What is the objective of DMT?

The primary objective of Domestic Money Transfer is easing the transfer and deposit of money in different accounts using the modern-day digitized technique of NEFT () and IMPS (). The IMPS transaction is one of the viable methods which enables instant credit transfers to the account.

The reason for starting with a Domestic Money Transfer service is to meet the financial needs for mundane life. The DMT model is designed in a manner wherein it is possible to offer a ground service wither through a Business correspondent, Agents to the end customers.

Herein, instead of meeting the individual in person, one can get the same transferred to the beneficiary account through DMT platforms instantaneously and hassle-free.

Miscellaneous information:

  • Transfer Money to almost any bank nationalized, Private or Rural within few clicks.
  • Aid in transferring money directly to the beneficiary account through the process of NEFT and IMPS.
  • Transfer money online through the medium of desktop, and mobile applications.
  • Easy and secure transfer of money.
  • No customer information is used or divulged with third-party and all the data is completely secured.
  • 24 X 7 transfer of money. No time constraints.
  • Money can be transferred during Bank holidays too.
  • Instant credit to the account no matter where the individual resides.
  • Helpful in paying remittance of migrant workers in India.
  • All one requires is the beneficiary’s account number and ISFC code of the bank wherein the money needs to be deposited.
  • Easy and efficient digital banking and cashless payment services to make banking easier.

Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS)

With the advent of digital mediums, it is easy to make bill payments hassle-free. Whether its daily recharge for your Mobile/ DTH or paying different utility bills it is all possible in a single click through the BPPS technique also known as the Bharat Bill Payment System.

What is BPPS?

Bharat Bill Payment system abbreviated as BPPS is a comprehensive bill payment system that offers to citizens the benefit of interoperable bill payment service. The mechanism is carried out through the NPCI technique for clearing activities related to the transactions. Through this one can make the payment using cheques, electronic mediums, and cash.

One need not visit the service provider or agents so as to make the payment. This technique aids in making easy bill payments by enabling multiple payment modes thereby getting an instant confirmation for the payment.

What are the key benefits of this feature?

BPPS method of making bill payment have the following benefits which are as follows:

  • You can make payment to multiple utility service providers.
  • No need to feed the bill amount, it will be fetched automatically.
  • Can pay bills anywhere, anytime without trouble.
  • Its secure and safe method.
  • All information of the customer is kept confidential without divulging any to third party users.
  • It's easy and hassle-free wherein one can make bill payments using smartphones.
  • What are the different bill payments one can make using the BPPS mode?
    • Electricity bill
    • Gas/ LPG bills
    • Insurance premiums
    • Broadband and landline bills

Paying bills was never so easy. The advent of technology and digital mediums have made it easy to make and receive payments anywhere, anytime.

Prepaid Recharge Services (Mobile / DTH)

E24pay provides 100% infrastructure and support to let you operate a sustainable prepaid recharge business in your area. We enable comprehensive prepaid recharge services for all operators inyour area/zone. These include:

  • Mobile – With people standing in long queues to get mobile recharged, you can explore a lucrative business opportunity here. We help you with prepaid recharge services to set up your own recharge business. We have Pan-India overage for all mobile operators.
  • DTH – If you need expert support in setting up your own DTH prepaid recharge business, we will assist with your total business solutions for an entrepreneur like you. With our expertise you can successfully carry out recharge for major DTH services for consumers in your area. With increasing government emphasis on set top boxes for cable TV broadcast, this can turn out to be a rewarding venture. We offer all DTH prepaid recharge services.
  • Datacard – If you are looking to utilize the data card prepaid recharge services to cater to consumers, then you are at the right place at Ideation Recharge. We provide total support to let you set up, configure, and operate a successful prepaid data card recharge business with multiple partnership models like whitelabel and API.

Going with e24pay you can avail of multiple business advantages. These include:

  • Timely reconciliation that keeps your emerging business in mind
  • Great uptime statistics backed by a proven record on a Pan India basis
  • Accessible customer support that addresses queries in quick time
  • Widest range of service providers covered under our prepaid recharge services
mobile recharge

Pan Card Services

Coming Soon

Permanent Account Number or PAN is an important asset introduced by the government for Indian Citizens. It is a mandatory asset that is used for identifying the citizens of India. Moreover, even a foreign citizen can get their PAN Card in India. The PAN agencies at the district level and the National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) are the two sole authorities who look into the PAN applications.

About PAN

The PAN is a unique identification number rendered to all citizens of India especially to those who pay taxes. It is an initiative by the government with the objective of curbing the fraudulent cases associated with paying Taxes.

The objective of issuing PAN

The primary goal of GOI behind issuing the PAN Card is reducing the tension surrounding tax-related issues. It helps in recording all tax-based information of the pan card holder through a single identification number thereby acting as the primary key for storing information.

The PAN number is also used across the country. However, no two people or tax paying entities can ever have a single PAN number. It is generated through a computer-based system which allocates a unique identification number to every citizen.

The objective behind a PAN is in similar to that of Social Security Number or SSN used in the USA. The PAN issued is valid for lifelong and remains unaffected in case of change of residence of the Pan card holder.

Advantageous of PAN

  • It is used as an identity proof for business as well as personal transactions
  • Used for filing income tax returns
  • Mandatory for registering a business
  • Necessary for financial transactions including:
    • Sale/ Purchase of two-wheelers
    • Making bank deposits/ acquiring bonds/ purchasing shares exceeding 50,000 or more
    • Purchase/ Sale of Property valuing 5 lakhs and more
    • Remit money abroad
    • Transfer of funds from NRE to NRO account

The 4 Things You Can Do


White Label Solutions

Build your own brand

E24Pay gives you an opportunity to build your own brand and generate revenue, free of cost! Using our White Label solutions, you can take up any of the offered services and rebrand it to match your branding preferences. As Payment and Merchant Service Providers, we assist you in venturing into mobile and D2H recharge, bill payment and domestic money transfer services. Using our platform, you have complete access to an upcoming technology and a ready business setup. Other benefits include:

Zero Maintenance: Prior knowledge and expertise is not required as we provide complete assistance. With few quick and easy steps, your business is good to go.

Money Saving: While other businesses require huge investments, we actually begin with none. Also, we offer services without any technological or infrastructural investments. No resources or efforts whatsoever from your end.

Complete automation: Complete automation and quick start-up will allow you to concentrate on growing demands and generate effective revenue for your mobile/DTH recharge business.

With our White Label Solutions you can thus enter the competitive market with an edge over others.

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Run your business on a Digital Platform

The E24Pay Application Programming Interface (API) comes at a zero setup cost. Not only is it easy to use, but remains highly secure with an accuracy of 99.99% uptime. We offer Prepaid Recharge API and Domestic Money Transfer API. Both these API solutions use the latest technology that helps with quick recharges and domestic money transfers.

The API solutions with us include:

  • Free API integration and support
  • Recharge reports
  • Instant response time
  • User and Mobile-Friendly interface
  • High margin benefits
  • No Prior IT Knowledge
  • Quick Auto refund

The API solutions at E24PAy can be easily embedded within Applications and Websites. You can further process all money transfers, prepaid mobile/DTH recharges on a single URL and wallet.

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Reseller (Distributor)

Connect with leading services.

As a Reseller (Distributor) at E24Pay, you can sell more than one service to expand your business. All our services are free of cost thus ensuring zero investment and great returns for your business. Following are the Reseller solutions we offer.

  • We offer our Resellers good margins and commissions that maximise the chance of an increasing income.
  • With the use of our up-to-date technology, Resellers are able to make all transactions at a secure and fast pace.
  • At E24Pay, we give Resellers complete control. They have full independence to follow their own plans and choose services.
  • Our packages are some of the most sort after in the market. Selling at the offered prices ensure high profitability margins for Resellers.
  • As Services Aggregator and Payment Solution Provider, E24 Pay gives a growth opportunity to all real time and upcoming businesses to gain access into this profitable and fast growing industry.
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Merchant (Retailer)

Add more clients to your growing Network

E24Pay offers merchants a platform that works on a B2B (Business-to-business) model. All digital recharges, be it mobile or DTH can be performed through quick transactions and high profits. Every transaction you make as a retailer, gives you high returns in the form of commissions and convenience charges. We offer a substantial rate which allows retailers to multiply their growth rapidly among other benefits.

Business comfort: We offer full business control, transparency, instant access, mobile-friendly Android app (no need for a SIM or SMS) and an easy-to-navigate website.

A reliable setup: Our system of integrated automation is completely secure and safe for retailers to run any mobile and DTH recharge services.

Business on the go: With our technological assistance, retailers can access and control their business from any device, at any given time.

Stay updated: While retailers have the benefit of hassle-free transactions, they can also stay updated with our real-time updates.

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Online Mobile Recharge White Label Services India

There’s plenty of other reasons to excite you, and to give you a head start, we’ve put together a round-up of features and popular plans.


EPOS App Screenshots

Our plans are volume-based, So you can start testing now with no cost, of course! ;)

Take a look at the pricing sheet (.xls) for pricing for all plans and services.

    AIRTEL - 2.90
    BSNL - 4.60
    IDEA - 2.90
    JIO - 5.60
    TATA DOCOMO - 3.90
    TATA INDICOM - 3.90
    VODAFONE - 2.90
    BIG TV - 4.20
    DISH TV - 3.40
    SUN DIRECT - 3.20
    TATA SKY - 2.80
    VIDEOCON D2H - 3.70
    POSTPAID - 0
    DMT - 7 ₹ Surcharge
    BILL PAYMENTS - 1 ₹ Surcharge
    AIRTEL - 3.10
    BSNL - 4.80
    IDEA - 3.10
    JIO - 5.80
    TATA DOCOMO - 4.10
    TATA INDICOM - 4.10
    VODAFONE - 3.10
    BIG TV - 4.40
    DISH TV - 3.60
    SUN DIRECT - 3.40
    TATA SKY - 3.00
    VIDEOCON D2H - 3.90
    POSTPAID - 0
    DMT - 7 ₹ Surcharge
    BILL PAYMENTS - 1 ₹ Surcharge

The Company reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove these plans at any time by posting the amended plans. Please check these plans periodically for changes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your office located?

Our office is located in the Aligarh, UP

How long has your company been in business?

Since 2014, We have registered over a eight thousand resellers and merchants.

Is registering for e24pay free?

Get started, it's absolutely free for resellers or merchants.

How to setup an account on e24pay?

Kindly mail following details to setup an account - name, mobile, email, address, pin code, POI (proof of identity), POA (proof of address) at kyc@ideationrecharge.com

How long does it take to get an e24pay account?

Generally, it will take two business days.

How to use e24pay account?

हिंदी ट्यूटोरियल के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

For English tutorial click here

Do I need to maintain a minimum balance e24pay account?

No, You can take balance as per your daily requirement.

Is there a minimum or maximum limit on the amount of funds I can take in e24pay account?

There is no maximum limit, but there is a minimum limit of 1000 INR

Do you offer virtual balance?

No, But we provide stock 24 x 7

Wrong Recharge Policy?

Reversal request should reach to us sameday. Reversal depends on case to case basis as per DTH operator/ provider norms. No reversal policy for prepaid mobile, bill payment and DMT transactions.

If there are any technical issues across our websites or app?

Clear your cache and cookies which is the first step to troubleshooting any issue.

E24Pay offers multi recharge white label services in India to make your own mobile recharge white label website and serve the same services to your clients as we offer under your own brand identity.

Our online recharge white label service allows people to resell our services on a fine commission to run a successful Recharge business with white label. We provide a secure white label recharge portal that offers amazing features and helps you to keep everything under your control and get instant support for any issue as well.

E24Pay's all in one recharge white label services in India grants every user to serve prepaid recharge, domestic money transfer, bharat bill payment system (BBPS) services all over India under their own company profile.

Launch your own recharge portal with our mobile recharge white label services in India and profit more.

Recharge White Label Services India

Download EPOS for Android facilitating prepaid recharge, domestic money transfer, bharat bill payment system (BBPS) services etc